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Equality activists condemn law in St Petersburg fining gay rights marchers 3,000 roubles as ‘disgraceful’

Ноябрь 22, 2011

Russian gay rights activists have condemned a St Petersburg law fining anyone who ‘promotes homosexuality’ as a way of ‘keeping gay people off the streets’. A bill has been passed in Russia’s second largest city declaring that anyone who committed ‘public acts’ promoting homosexuality, bisexuality, or transgender issues could be fined up to 3,000 roubles (£61 approx).

However, the bill has given no clear definition of what a public act is, leading equality activists to claim the law is an an attempt to crack down and permanently ban gay pride events. Gay rights groups described the bill tentatively passed by St Petersburg lawmakers as a ‘disgrace’. The bill was passed by the dominant United Russia party with a majority of 27 to 1 on Wednesday.

The law could also see companies who ‘promote homosexuality’ fined between 10,000 and 50,000 roubles (around £1,000), according to Nikolai Alexeyev of the group said the bill could become ‘the main legal reason to deny any public actions by the LGBT community.’

‘This is Dark Ages stuff’: Fury over church’s fact sheet which claims homosexuality ‘is caused by pain in childhood’ I was beaten up for being gay and a Republican: Reality star claims friendship with Ann Coulter has made him a target of violence’Gay people deserve better than the BBC’s pathetic attempts to represent us’: George Michael slams EastEnders gay storyline He said: ‘It theoretically allows the ban of anything anywhere where kids could be present.’

Homosexuality was decriminalized in Russia in 1993 and gay clubs operate in most big cities, but discrimination is still widespread.

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