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Anti-gay law in Russia

Ноябрь 17, 2011

Protests against a draft law on prohibition of the so-called propaganda of ‘sodomy, lesbianism, bisexualism and transgenderism, and paedophilia to minors’started in the city centre on November 15.

Participants of the rally handed out leaflets to passers and explained the absurdity of the document, which was proposed by the Committee on the Law on Friday, and tomorrow he will be considered by the city parliament.

«I’m not a scarecrow!»,» Minors under 18 are not allowed to look at me, «» Do not bring kids to ballet, they can see males in pantyhose»- these were the ironic slogans. The action took place in silence, no one would not agitated and demanded anything. 

Several police officers watched the rally and wrote down address of one of the activists.

This rally in the city centre will be followed by another picket by the Parliament at 12 on 16 November — International Tolerance Day.

Vitali Milonov from United Russia beliveves the bill proposed by him is quite clear and verified:
«The idea of ​​the bill is very clear — banning campaigns of pedophils and another child abusers. I’m not interested in the opinion here is that “BT”community or how they call themselves, I am ready to discuss things with people, but not with carriers of this kind of carnal pleasures. I meet so many people, including representatives of various non government organizations, they all raised concerns and is directly linked cases of pedophilia to lack of strict prohibition of deviations. If  society does not exclude and taboo one type of deviations, then, consequently, it’s easier for a person to practice another type of deviation. «

Another citing from Milonov: «(by the law) I want to protect children from sexism, and especially from unhealthy sexism.» Obviously, he thinks that «sex» and «sexism» are synonyms.

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